NOS - Manoil Wrecker

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July 1, 2005

Peter writes, from the UK:

I have seen toy models of this vehicle from the 30's and wondered if it ever
existed in fact . I can't find any pictures of anything similar but I think
it would have great presence on the road.....Move over HumVee's etc

Best regards


Does anyone have any more information on this one?  If so, contact rusty at

Here's what we found out...

Birdwood Car Museum

Maxbarn (our links page editor) observed that:
There is an actual 20's Packard tow truck at the Birdwood Car Museum:
This may be what the little toy was modeled
The Standard Catalog of American Light-Duty Trucks states that Packard made trucks in the USA from
1905 to 1923. This would fit into that latter period.
Riding 20's tow truck:


Chester Fesmire of Bremen, Maine wrote:
Glad to see someone else interested in these. I have some
originals but don't know if they represent any prototype vehicle. I do know that there are some reproductions of these models out there selling for about $35. I hope that you will post any more info you get about them when and if you get it. Thanks.

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