Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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3. Place the new carburetor body gasket
in position aligning the holes. Depress the throt
tle kicker lever, if included, lower the air horn
in position. Place the dashpot bracket inposition,
if included. Install the five air horn to main body
screws and lockwashers.
Be careful not to catch the float on the main
body. If the float is bumped or disturbed in
any way during assembly, the float setting
may be upset.
4. Model 2110-EEC only, install the
fast idle cam in position, one end in the fast idle
cam slot and the other in the choke shaft lug. In
stall the two idle cam rod retainers.
1. Set a new throttle body gasket in
position on the throttle body and align the holes.
Install main body on the throttle body and fasten
the three main body to throttle body screws and
lockwashers. Tighten the three screws, alter
nately, a little at a time, to compress the gasket
2. Install the pump link assembly with
a cotter pin. The three holes in the throttle lever
permit adjustment of the accelerating pump dis
charge. The outer hole provides a maximum
pump discharge for extreme cold weather opera
tion, while the inner one provides a minimum
pump discharge for hot weather. However, for
most driving conditions, the middle hole should
be used.
3. Place new carburetor body gasket
in position on the main body. Install the air horn
on the main body.
Caution must be used not to
catch the float on the main body. If float is bumped
or distrubed in any way during reassembly, the
float setting may be upset. Install the five air
horn to main body screws and lockwashers, and
identification tag.
Before installing the carburetor, make a
visual inspection of the unit for signs of damage
due to mishandling or improper storage.
The air cleaner should be cleaned at this
time to insure proper carburetor performance.
1. Adjustments, to be precise and ac
curate, must be made when the vehicle is on level
The carburetor mating surface of the intake
manifold must be clean and free from burrs or
damage. Then, using a new flange gasket, secure
the carburetor to the intake manifold with the
mounting nuts and lockwashers. Tighten the
mounting nuts alternately, a little at a time, to
evenly compress the flange gasket. The nuts must
be drawn down tightly to prevent leakage between
the carburetor and the intake manifold. Connect
the fuel line, throttle, choke linkages, automatic
choke heat tube, and distributor vacuum line.
Check for loose or worn connections.
Check the
choke plate to insure that it opens fully when the
choke control knob is pushed in on the manual
choke. The choke plate should be closed when the
adjustment has been made. The throttle must also
have complete travel. Install the air cleaner.
Seat the idle adjusting needles lightly
and back each off a full turn if there is any doubt
about this not having been done during reassembly.
Care must be taken when seating the idle ad
justing needle not to turn the screw tight
against the seat, grooving the tip of the needle.
If the needle becomes grooved, a smooth idle
cannot be obtained.
3. Start the engine and allow the oper
ating temperature to reach normal.
4. After the engine reaches its normal
operating temperature, adjust the throttle stop
adjusting screw to idle the engine at the rpm
specified by the engine manufacturer.
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