Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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1. Reassemble the dashpot assembly. 
Install the dashpot on bracket, with one lockwasher 
on either side of the bracket, secure the nut. 
Install the connection fitting and new
3. Slide the choke shaft assembly into 
the air horn, also install the choke shaft spring, 
if included.
4. Install the choke plate. Invert the 
air horn, and with the lug on the choke shaft as
sembly pointed upward, insert the choke plate in 
the slot on the choke shaft. Install the choke plate 
screws and run them down until they are snug but 
not tight. Close the choke plate and hold the air 
horn up to the light. Little or no light should show 
between the choke plate and the walls of the bore. 
If the choke plate is properly installed and there 
is no binding when it is operated, then tighten the 
choke plate screws. Using any suitable staking 
tool, stake the choke plate screws.
NOTE: The next 2 steps pertain only to Models 
2110-EE and 2110-FF.
5. Insert the choke plunger spring and 
choke plunger.
6. Set the choke lever and swivel as
sembly in place and install the screw and lock
washer. The tab on the choke shaft lever should 
be positioned in the "V" shaped notch of the choke 
lever and swivel assembly.
Figure 37. Gauging Float
11. ,Rotate the thermostat housing until 
the index mark on the rim of the cover is aligned 
with large center indicator on the choke housing. 
Install the three thermostat screws and clamps.
12. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-183, 
install the fuel inlet valve and seat assembly and 
new gasket.
NOTE: The next 5 steps pertain only to Models 
7. Place the new choke housing gasket 
in position and install the choke housing with the 
two screws and lockwashers.
Insert the thermostat lever, link and 
piston in its chamber with the end of the lever fit
ting on to the choke shaft. Position the choke shaft 
spacer, lockwasher and nut, tighten firmly.
9. Place the choke housing plate and 
thermostat housing gasket in position.
Place the thermostat housing in posi
tion, with the looped end of the thermostat spring 
on the thermostat lever.
13. Holding the float and lever assembly 
in position, slide the float shaft in position. Place
Figure 38.
Float Adjustments
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