Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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9. Place bearing retainer spring and 
seal retainer over the throttle shaft in the throttle 
body. Set new governor housing gasket inposition 
on the throttle body, aligning the holes in the 
gasket and throttle body. Install leather seal (tips 
toward housing) in the governor housing and place 
governor in position. Align the holes in governor 
housing, governor housing gasket and the throttle 
body, and insert the three governor to throttle body 
screws and lockwashers, and tighten. Check to see 
if throttle shaft moves freely and does not bind.
10. Slide the governor lever over the 
throttle shaft and insert end of the diaphragm rod 
through governor lever. Install cotter pin in the 
diaphragm rod, bending both ends of the cotter pin 
back toward the head. Install the governor lever 
nut and lockwasher.
11. With the throttle plates open, loop 
one end of the governor spring to the governor 
lever spring pin, and snap the other loop of the 
spring to the stationary pin in the governor housing. 
Do not stretch the spring more than is necessary.
Install the governor cover with anew 
gasket. Insert the four governor cover screws 
and lockwashers. Install safety wire and seal.
Figure 36. Replacing Ball Check Valve
6. Insert the pump discharge valve in 
position and install the pump discharge nozzle and 
new gasket.
7. Install the idle tube assemblies into 
the nozzle bars.
Install the vacuum connection fitting.
8. Using four new gaskets, install the 
two nozzle bars.
9. Place the two nozzle bar clamps in 
position and install the four screws.
1. Install a new pump operating shaft 
felt seal and secure with the washer.
2. Install a new pump operating rod 
lubricator ring and secure with the washer.
3. Install the accelerating pump inlet 
ball check valve. Place a small brass rod on the 
ball and tap lightly with a fiber mallet to insure 
proper seating of the ball. Care must be taken to 
prevent damage to the ball or seat. Check to see 
if ball is still movable. Install the check valve 
retainer in the accelerating pump well of the main 
body. The bent-in portion of the retainer holds 
the ball in place.
4. Install the economizer valve as
10. Place the throttle kicker spring and 
lever in position and install the screw and lock
washer. (Model 2110-EE and 2110-FF)
11. Reassemble the accelerating pump 
assembly. First place the pump spring on the 
pump piston assembly, then install the spring 
washer on the pump piston assembly.
the spring and slide the pump operating rod into 
the slot on the piston assembly until the notches 
in the washer engage the cutout in the arm. Place 
the pump return spring on the operating rod. Slide 
the accelerating pump assembly into place in the 
main body housing. Take care that the piston cup 
does not catch on the lip of the pump chamber.
sembly and new gasket, using Kent-Moore Tool
12. Insert the pump rod stud in position.
No. 10-175.
5. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-174
install the two main jets. Install the two main jet
MODELS 2110-EE, 2110-EEC AND
passage plugs and new gaskets.
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