Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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affect carburetor performance.
Do not use
a buffing wheel, wire brush, file, or sharp
instrument to remove carbon deposits. These
methods may remove the protective plating
on the part and expose the bare metal to
7. Fuel Inlet Valve and Seat
The fuel inlet needle and seat are
matched at the factory to insure a precise fit.
Replacements should always be made with a new
factory matched set.
8. Springs
1. Major Castings
Examine all major castings for
cracks, stripped threads, damaged gasket mating
surfaces, and for other damage.
All passages in
the castings should be checked with compressed
air to make sure they are free of obstructions.
(Refer to the "Operation" Section for location of
passages in the castings.) If irregularities are
found, the casting should be replaced.
If stripped threads, distortion, or
other damage is found in screws, lockwashers,
and nuts, discard them and replace with new parts.
Broken or distorted springs must be
9. Screws, Lockwashers and Nuts
10. Dashpot
2. Choke Shaft and Choke Plates
Carefully examine the shaft for dis
tortion and to see if the shaft is bent. Check
choke plates for burrs or corrosion.
If any ir
regularities are found, replacements should be
3. Throttle Shaft and Throttle Plates
is noted.
Discard and replace if any distortion
11. Governor
Check for cracks in the housing and
stripped thread. If any irregularities appear, the
governor should be replaced.
Check the throttle shaft for worn sur
faces, distortion or bent shaft. Make sure the
plates are not burred or corroded. The complete
throttle body assembly should be discarded if any
irregularities are found.
2110-EEC AND 2110-FF
4. Float and Lever Assembly
The float and lever assembly is to be
discarded and replaced if the float leaks, or if the
assembly is corroded or damaged in any way.
Shake the float to determine if fuel has leaked into
5. Nozzle Bar
Discard and replace the nozzle bars
if the fuel discharge passages or the holes in the
lower flanges of the nozzles are distorted, damaged, or
obstructed. All threads are to be checked.
6. Pump Discharge Nozzle
Examine the pump discharge for ob
structions or damage. Replace the part if it does
not meet inspection.
1. Referring to the lines or figures
scribed on the throttle plates during disassembly,
install the throttle plates. Install the four throt
tle plate screws and run them down until they are
snug but not tight. Close the throttle plates and
hold the throttle body up to the light. Little or no
light should show between the throttle plates and
the walls of the throttle bores. If the throttle
plates are properly installed and there is no bind
ing when the throttle shaft is rotated, tighten the
throttle plate screws. Stake the throttle plate
screws using a suitable staking tool.
2. Place the hand throttle lever and
spring in position on the throttle shaft. Press
the hand throttle lever collar on the shaft, de
pressing the spring, turn the collar a quarter of
a turn until it seats in the notch - Model 2110-EE
(If included).
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