Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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Figure 32. Removing Throttle Operating Housing Screws
Slide the throttle operating shaft out
of the housing.
Remove the throttle stop screw
and spring.
13. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-188,
lift the wire throttle shaft retainer spring out of
the slot in the throttle body.
Figure 33. Removing Throttle Shaft Retainer
14. Lightly scribe both throttle plates
along the throttle shaft and mark each throttle
plate and its corresponding bore with a number
or letter to insure proper replacement.
15. Remove the four throttle plate
screws, and slide the throttle plates out of the
throttle shaft. Remove the throttle shaft and
bearing assembly from the throttle body. (Note
position of shaft for correct reassembly.) Re
move the remaining bearing from governor side
of the throttle body.
Figure 34. Removing Throttle Plates
1. Soak all castings and metal parts,
except the dashpot assembly and nozzle bars, in
a cleaning solution until all foreign deposits are
loosened. If a commercial cleaning solvent is not
available, lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol
may be used. Place the parts to be cleaned in a
metal basket suspended in the solution and agitate.
Avoid lowering the basket into the sediment which
collects in the bottom of the container. After the
parts have soaked sufficiently, they are to be
rinsed in hot water to remove all traces of the
cleaning solution. Scrub away all remaining for
eign matter with a stiff bristle brush while rinsing
the parts and castings. Only inlet end of the noz
zle bars should be immersed in the cleaning
solvent. DO NOT place the circular booster
venturi in the solution.
2. Parts and castings should be thor
oughly dried with compressed air. Compressed
air should also be directed through all passages
in the castings and through the jets and nozzle
Carburetor jets and passages should never
be cleaned with a wire, a drill, or similar
abrasive objects. This method of cleaning
may distort the jets and passages and greatly
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