Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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1. Remove the vacuum connection
2. Remove the governor cover safety 
wire and seal. Remove the four governor cover 
screws and lockwashers. Remove the governor 
cover and discard the gasket.
Figure 30.
Governor Cover Removed
3. Ease the governor spring off the 
posts. Do not distort the spring in any way during 
removal, as the governor operation may be im
The governor spring post in the governor 
housing should not be removed (Figure No.
If it is necessary to replace this post, make 
sure the new post is installed in the proper 
4. Remove the governor lever nut and 
lockwasher. Remove the diaphragm rod cotter 
Slide the governor lever off the throttle
5. Remove the three governor to throttle 
body screws and lockwashers.
6. Remove the governor housing, 
gasket, throttle shaft seal, seal retainer, and 
bearing retainer spring. Discard the gasket and 
leather seal.
7. Remove the diaphragm cover safety 
wire and seal. Remove the eight diaphragm cover 
screws and lockwashers. Remove the diaphragm 
cover and the diaphragm. and rod assembly.
Remove dashpot adjusting screw and 
nut from throttle lever clamp -- automatic trans
11. Remove throttle lever clamp screw 
and nut, and the throttle lever. Remove the two 
throttle operating shaft housing screws and lock
washers, the throttle operating shaft and housing 
assembly and discard the gasket.
8. Remove the two governor by-pass
Figure 31. Governor Housing Removed
9. Remove idle adjusting needles and
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