Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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Figure 25. Removing Pump Operating Shaft Washer
Figure 26.
Disassembly - Throttle Body Assembly
1. Remove the two idle adjusting needles
and springs.
2. Remove the spark valve assembly
and gasket. (If included.) Discard the gasket.
3. Remove the fast idle cam retainer
out of the fast idle cam stud. Slide the fast idle
cam off the stud - Model 2110-EEC only.
4. Depress the hand throttle lever
collar and turn until the shaft end slips into the
notch, this will cause collar to come off. Remove
the hand throttle lever spring and lever - Model
2110-EE. (If included.)
6. Remove the dashpot adjusting screw
and nut. (If included.)
7. Lightly scribe both throttle plates
along the throttle shaft and mark each throttle
plate and its corresponding bore with a number
or letter to insure proper replacement.
8. Remove the four throttle plate screws
and slide the throttle plates out of the shaft.
9. Slide the throttle shaft out of the
throttle body. (Note position of shaft for correct
The following list contains all parts to be
removed in disassembling the throttle body as
sembly. During disassembly discard all gaskets,
also parts which have replacements in the Master
Repair Kits.
5. Remove the throttle stop screw and
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