Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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5. Remove the two nozzle bars and 
discard the four gaskets.
6. Remove the idle tube assemblies 
from the nozzle bars.
Figure 20. Removing Idle Tubes
7. Remove the pump discharge nozzle 
and discard the gasket. Invert the main body and 
slide out the pump discharge valve.
Figure 21. Removing Pump Discharge Nozzle
8. Remove the two main jet passage 
plugs and discard the gaskets. Using Kent-Moore 
Tool No. 10-174, remove the two main jets.
9. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-175, 
remove the economizer valve assembly. Remove 
and discard the gasket.
Figure 22. Removing Main Jets
Figure 23. Removing Economizer Valve
10. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-188, 
remove the pump check valve retainer. Invert 
tie main ao-
y and shake out the pump check valve.
11. Remove and discard the pump oper
ating rod lubricator washer and the pump operating 
rod lubricator ring.
12. Remove and discard the pump oper
ating shaft washer and the pump operating shaft 
felt seal.
2110-EEC AND 2110-FF
The following list contains all parts to 
be removed in disassembling the throttle body 
assembly. During disassembly discard all 
gaskets, also all parts which have replacements 
in the Master Repair Kits.
- 18 -
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