Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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Slide the float shaft out of the float
lever bracket and remove float and lever assembly.
Figure 15. Removing Choke Lever Clamp Screw
Figure 14. Removing Float Shaft and Float Assembly
2. Remove the fuel inlet needle, float
spring and float spring retainers.
3. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-183,
remove the fuel inlet valve seat and gasket. Dis
card gasket.
The fuel inlet needle and the seat is a matched
assembly. This set is not to be broken. Re
placements should be made only with a new
factory-matched set.
4. Remove the choke lever clamp screw,
and nut. Slide the choke lever clamp off the choke
shaft. (Note position of choke lever; will assist
in reassembly.)
5. Remove the choke wire clamp screw
and nut. Remove choke wire bracket screw and
lockwasher and remove the throttle lever spring
bracket. Lift choke wire bracket assembly from
choke shaft.
6. Remove the two choke plate screws
and remove the choke plate.
7. Remove choke shaft. (Note position
of screw hole for correct reassembly.)
8. Remove fuel inlet connection and
the governor line connection.
The following list contains all parts to
be removed in disassembling the main body as
sembly. During disassembly discard all gaskets,
also all parts which have replacements in the
Master Repair Kit.
Figure 16. Disassembly - Main Body Assembly
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