Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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1. Slide the float shaft out of the float 
lever bracket and remove the float and lever as
Figure 6. Removing Float Shaft and Float Assembly
2. Using Kent-Moore Tool No. 10-183 
remove the fuel inlet valve and seat assembly. 
Discard the gasket.
Figure 7.
Removing Fuel Inlet Valve and Seat Assembly
The fuel inlet valve and seat assembly is a 
matched assembly, and it is not inter
4. Remove the thermostat housing 
gasket and the choke housing plate.
5. Remove the choke shaft nut, lock
washer and spacer and lift the thermostat lever, 
link and piston assembly out of the housing.
Figure 8. Thermostat Cover Removed
6. Remove the two choke housing screws 
and lockwashers and lift the choke housing as
sembly off the choke shaft. Remove and discard 
the choke housing gasket.
Figure 9. Removing Choke Housing Screws
NOTE: The next 4 steps pertain only to Models 
NOTE: The next 2 steps pertain only to Models 
2110-EE and 2110-FF.
3. Remove the three thermostat housing 
screws and clamps and lift the thermostat housing 
cover off the choke housing.
7. Remove the choke lever and swivel 
screw and lockwasher and lift off the choke lever 
and swivel assembly.
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