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satisfactory idle mixture setting. Repeat this pro
cedure with the other needle. If this adjustment 
results in an increased idle rpm, reset the idle 
speed screw to obtain the specified idle rpm, and 
again adjust both idle adjusting needles.
B. Adjusting the Automatic Choke
1. The automatic choke is accurately set at 
the factory to give the best possible all weather 
operation. To return the choke to the original 
setting, line up the index mark on the rim of the 
thermostat cover with the large center indicator 
on the choke housing.
2. If for some reason a richer or leaner mix
ture during the warm-up period is desired, it can 
be obtained by rotating the thermostat cover. 
Never set the index mark on the cover more than 
two graduations off the large center indicator on 
the housing.
C. Adjusting the Dashpot
1. Start the engine and allow it to reach
normal operating temperature with the automatic 
transmission drive selector in neutral.
2. Turn the dashpot adjusting screw down 
until it no longer fully compresses the dashpot 
stem when the engine is idling at its normal oper
ating temperature. If the dashpot adjusting screw 
is set too high, it will compress the stem fully and 
stop the throttle lever before reaching the idle 
position. This will result in a high idle speed and 
make it impossible to reach a lower idle speed 
adjustment with the idle speed screw.
3. Set the idle speed and mixture according 
to preceding instructions, being certain the idle 
speed screw is on the low step of the fast idle cam.
4. The dashpot adjusting screw should then be 
set so that the specified clearance exists between 
the adjusting screw and the dashpot stem when the 
stem is fully compressed. The proper clearance 
for the Mercury dashpot equipped carburetors can 
be found in the current Holley Carburetor Specifi
cations Catalog, Section IV, Division C.
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