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b. Install the two governor by-pass

1. Using Snap-On Tool No. MC-119A install the econimizer piston and stem assembly.

c. Place the throttle shaft seal retainer spring and the seal retainer over the throttle shaft. Set the new governor housing gasket in place on the throttle body, aligning the holes in the gasket and the throttle body. Install the leather seal (lip-side in) in the governor housing and place the governor housing in position. Align the holes in the governor housing, governor housing gasket and the throttle body. Insert the three governor to throttle body screws and lockwashers.

d. Place the governor lever over the throttle shaft and insert the end of the diaphragm rod in the governor lever.   Install a new cotter pin in the diaphragm rod. Install the governor lever nut and lockwasher.

2. Insert the air bleed screen (not included in some of the earlier models.) The screen fits inside the raised rim in the center of the air horn.

3. Install the bowl vent tube with the two bowl vent screws and lockwashers.

4. Slide the choke shaft into position in the air horn. Insert the choke plate and use the screws to fasten in place.   Before tightening the screws, check to make certain no binding takes place when the shaft is rotated. Using any approved staking tool, stake the screws to prevent loosening. If an impact staking tool is used, be sure to back up the choke plate screws toprevent bending of the choke shaft.

e. Place the loop of one end of the governor spring in the groove in the governor lever spring pin then place the other end of the spring into the groove of the stationary spring post in the governor housing. Do not stretch the spring more than necessary.

f. Install the governor cover with a new gasket. Insert the four governor cover screws and lockwashers, install a lock wire and seal to the four screws.

g. Install the two governor line fittings.

5. Install the choke lever bracket assembly with the two choke lever bracket screws and lockwashers. Install the choke lever and tighten the choke lever clamp screw.

6. Insert Snap-On Tool No. MC-129 aligning pins, as guides for aligning the air horn assembly on the main body assembly. Fit the new air horn to throttle body gasket in place. Carefully lower the air horn assembly over the aligning pins. With the air horn in position, remove the aligning pins and insert the five air horn to cover screws and lockwashers.

B. Reassembly - Main Body Assembly, Same as Model 885-FFC

C. Reassembly - Air Horn Assembly

7.   Place the fast idle rod inposition, one end in the choke lever and the other in the fast idle cam slot.   Install the fast idle cam washer and two fast idle rod retainers.



Before installing a carburetor, look it over carefully for signs of damage accidentally incurred by improper storage or mishandling.

nuts must be drawn down tight to prevent leakage between the carburetor and manifold. Connect the distributor vacuum lines, the fuel line, throttle and choke linkages, making sure there are no worn or loose connections.


Be sure the carburetor mating surface of the intake manifold is clean. Then, using a new flange gasket, secure the carburetor to the intake manifold with the four mounting nuts and lockwashers. Tighten the mounting nuts alternately, a little at a time, to evenly compress the flange gasket.   The

It is recommended that all connecting lines be threaded to their respective locations before tightening the carburetor to the manifold. Final tightening of lines should be completed after tightening carburetor to manifold.


1. Adjusting the Throttle Stop Screw


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