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Choke plates should be discarded if edges are nicked or if the protective plating has been damaged, exposing the bare metal to corrosion. Check to see if the poppet operates freely.

Discard if venturi contour is damaged or distorted in any way as this may affect fuel distribution to the cylinders.


6. Choke Plates

position and screw in the dashpot tightening it with an open end wrench.

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M5 - 157

Figure 35. Installing Throttle Plates

Discard and replace if stripped threads, bending, or other damage is noted.


A. Reassembly - Throttle Body Assembly

1. Install a new pump rod felt packing and retaining washer in the pump rod hole of the throttle body casting.   Stake the washer in place. On the models originally equipped with a distributor passage ball check valve, invert the throttle body and install the new nylon distributor passage check valve. On the models without the check valve, reinstall the small brass passage plug if originally equipped.

2. Referring to the lines and figures scribed on the throttle plates and throttle body during disassembly, install the two throttle plates, using four new throttle plate screws.   Install the four throttle plate screws snugly but do not tighten them. Check to be sure no binding is present when the throttle shaft is rotated. With the throttle plates closed, hold the throttle body up to the light. Little or no light should show between the throttle plates and the throttle bores of the carburetor. When the throttle plates are properly aligned, tighten the four throttle plate screws and stake them to prevent loosening. Use any approved carburetor staking tool. If it is necessary to use an impact type of staking tool, be sure to back up the heads of the throttle plate screws to prevent bending the throttle shaft when staking screws.

3. Place the dashpot retainer lock in

4.   Install the two main j ets using Snap-,On Tool No. TMC-36A.

7. Booster Venturi

8. Springs and Retainers

Discard and replace if distorted or

9. Screws, Lockwashers and Nuts

4. Install the throttle stop screw spring and throttle stop screw in the throttle shaft and lever assembly. Then install the dashpot hex adjusting screw.

5. Place the springs on the two idle adjusting needles and install them in the throttle body. Turn the needles all the way in finger tight and then back out one full turn.   Do not attempt to seat too tightly as the needle seats may bC damaged or the needles grooved, making it impossible to properly adjust the idle.

B. Reassembly - Main Body Assembly -- Models 885-FFC and 885-FFG

1. Fit the secondary venturi in place on the throttle body, then place the new main body gasket on the shorter leg or the main body and with the main body in position, insert the two throttle body screws and lockwashers.

2. Insert the filter screen retainer spring, filter screen, a newfuel inletfitting gasket and the fuel inlet fitting. On some earlier models of this carburetor there were no filter assembly.

3.   Install the accelerating pump ball check valve. Place a small brass rod on the ball and tap lightly with a fiber mallet to insure proper seating of the ball, care must be taken to prevent damage to the ball or seat. Check to make certain the ball moves freely after seating. Install the check valve retainer in the pump well of the main body. Make certain the bent-in portion of the retainer holds the check ball in place.


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