Index of Scanned Old Car Books

The Automobiles of 1904 Illustrations, Descriptions, Prices of 88 Automobiles. Gasoline - Steam - Electric

Automobile Carburetors - Published 1931

The Story of Chevrolet - Published 1951

Brief Passenger Car Data -1952- Prepared for Tide Water Associated Oil Company by Ethyl Corporation

Automobile Carburetor Manual by C.R. Strouse - Published 1952

The Chevrolet Story from 1911 to 1956 - Published 1956

1957 Chevrolet Stock Car Competition Guide with Foreword from Chevrolet's Central Office

The ESSO Car Care Guide 1968 - excellent resource for "practically all the cars on the road at that time"

Ford Model T Manual - presents information in question & answer format, very interesting