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1953 Chrysler New Yorker - Nicole MacArthur


The first pic of the engine: This car was originally a 6 volt system. We looked at getting a 6v/12v battery to try to keep most of the electrical original. This proved to be a problem since the 6v part of the battery wouldn't always put out 6v to start the engine. The decision was made to update it to a 12v system which was started in 1953 on the Chrysler Imperials. The radiator was cleaned and repaired, a 12v battery was installed with new lead wires, the generator was replaced with an alternator. A Mallory distributor from Hot heads was installed along with new spark wires and plugs.

The electrical system is updated. It was found that the lantern lights have a seperate switch in the cargo area. The lantern lights were originally installed with the hardware on the inside of the side panel. In order to remove the lantern pieces, the whole panel must be accessed from inside the cargo area by removing the vinyl panel. This will be updated so the lantern light can be accessed from the outside with self taping screws.

The hose that connected the "A/C" unit has been removed due to age. There is no real A/C in the car, just a vent system for summer/winter. An aftermarket horn had been installed by the previous owner with a 20's version "A-oh-ga" sound. The factory horn is not currently working. At this time I'm not sure if it is just disconnected or is defunct.


Second pic is of the Mallory Distributor.



Third and Fourth pic is the master cylinder which was redone.


Fifth pic is of the refurbished brakes.

The sixth through fourteenth pics are the new rocker panels.(click on each image above for an enlargement)

The next job is to replace the exhaust system with a new exhaust. The muffler will be a Flowmaster with a duel exhaust system.

After this week 3/17/03, I will be driving the car around daily a few miles per day to make sure the transmission is working fine. This car is truly amazing. Even though it's been sitting for an unknown amount of time, the engine is in great running condition. It starts immediately. There are no leaks and the original seals are still good. With the new brake job this beast stops on a dime. All that is left is a new paint job, rechroming and the interior. I am deciding to go with a vinyl top due to cost in comparision to having it ground down and redone. The top will still be stripped and primed with any cracks sealed so it can be repainted at any time in the future if the decision comes up.

I'll post more updates as more work gets done and as more money comes along.

Nicole MacArthur