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1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe - Pär Carlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

My name is Par Carlsson and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
That's why my English maybe not the best, but I hope you will understand what I'm trying to write.

First I want to thank you for your great job with the Chevy scrap book and the Chevy resources. Keep up the good work!

Earlier, when I sent a picture of my car, you asked if I could write some more about the car and send some more photos, and here comes the story and some more photos.

The history:
My car is a 1952 Chevrolet Styleline De Luxe 2103, and its named "Assar". It's a four-door car and it was built at the GM assembly plant in Hammarby, Stockholm. The original colour was grey and the VIN is NS 466. NS means Nordiska Stockholm (Nordiska = Nordic) and it was the 466:th car built this year.

The engine is a 216 with the threespeed manual gearbox. The rear axle is a 4:11 and its got matching numbers. All cars built are Sweden was equipped with the heavy-duty heatingsystem, oilbath aircleaner, oilfilter, turningsignals and windshield washers.

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In Sweden Chevrolet was an expensive car in the 50´s.
First owner of the car was the chief psychiatrist at St Gertrud´s hospital in Vastervik. He bought it at the dealer in Vastervik when they had started to sell the 1953 models.

When he traded it for a new Volvo, in 1963, my father bought it. His 1951 Chevrolet needed to be replaced, but he liked the model so this was the perfect car. It had been well taken care of and the price was right. He bought it, and it became his daily beater until 1983. Since 1983 it's an occasional driver. My father is still registered as the owner of Assar, but since 1999 I'm in charge of the maintenance and restoration work, if needed.

During the snowfree part of the year we then take turns driving the car. He drives it in the spring until I take over the wheel during the summer. At the end of August he gets the car back and enjoys it until the snow is here again. Then during the freezing Nordic winter, it's stored in one of my garages.

The car was restored the first time in 1973. The front-end and all mechanic components were rebuilt. All chrome was replaced or re-chromed and my father made a new red upholstery. All rust was repaired and then it was painted black. In 1973 no one here, but my father, was interested in these old Chevy's. I believe this car must have been the first "early fifties Chevy" to been restored in Sweden.

In 1985, after 320.000 miles, the engine and transmission was restored and in 1989 when it wasn't in daily use anymore, the body was restored once more and painted black again.

But the paintjob was sloppy, so this winter I have done it properly by myself. All layers of old paint and plastic padding have been removed so I could inspect the body. There were only two tiny areas with rust. I bought two new fenders from an old retired Chevrolet dealer in the northern of Sweden. The ones I had weren't rusted but they had been welded several times. I have replaced all chrome parts but the bumpers. They have been given new chrome. I have been able to clean and restore the original upholstery. The red one my father made in 1973 had protected it.

At this moment I'm reassembling our old warrior. In Assar´s garage, a ´52 Buick Roadmaster Riviera and another black ´52 Chevrolet Styleline, a 2102 , keep him company. Together they are the front figures for the " AREA 52 Racing Division". It's a top secret, highly classified group of carfreaks devoted only to 1952 GM cars and Kustoms built on 52 GM products.

The future:
I'm planing a trip to the US next year. I will try to find a ´52 Sport Coupe to bring back home. It will be I have already started to build the engine for it. I'm trying to set it up like it was done in the fifties, using only old parts or authentic repro parts. I have read lots of old Hop Up Magazine and speed manuals, such as California Bill's.

The engine's got a 216 Stovebolt block and a 235 PG crankshaft. The aluminium pistons comes from Speed O Motive I believe, and the cylinderhead is ported and used with a highcomp copper gasket. In combination with the pistons and crank, approximately it will result in an 8:1 compression. The distributor has been converted with a Mallory dualpoint kit, and a heavy-duty aluminium coil comes from a hotrod in Kansas. A Clifford 280-degree camshaft is in place, and the Clifford 4 bbl intake is used with a Holley 390 cfm. Still to be found is a set of dual Fenton cast-iron headers and a pair of Hollywood Twin Tone mufflers for a future dual exhaust system.

That's all for now anyway.
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Par Carlsson

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