Charles Hurst's 1948 Plymouth

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In response to our request for more information on this car, Charles replied:

"Sure! I guess it won't hurt to spread the beauty of the 48's curves around the internet even if it is posted to the other site. I'll attach a few more pictures showing the lights. Since I could not stop the sun from going down, I tried to be creative!

You may notice the gas cap is a newer locking one. I have the original tucked away in the glove compartment. I put the locking cap on it in 1973 during the Iranian oil embargo. I also have an original clock hidden in the glove box. It's one of those things I've never quite gotten around to installing.

If you look at the mirror in the dashboard photo, you'll see a garter dangling from it. I caught that garter at the wedding of one of my Canadian cousins. To put the passage of time in perspective, he and his wife have since had 5 children. Only the youngest is left living at home, and he is almost done with high school!

I can remember being young enough to stand on the seat in that car and my hands would reach the top of the steering wheel. As I got older, I would sit next to my grandfather and he would patiently let me steer it as he drove in a parking lot, or a deserted street. I used it for all the important events in my life, such as my graduation and wedding. Since I did not trust anyone else to drive it on my wedding day, I drove my new wife away from the church myself!

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