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 Keenen Dealer

Brochures of Old Cars

This site has hundreds of images of scanned brochures from various makes and models, Domestic and Foreign.
 fan photos
Photos from the Fans
You can see photos from the fans of historic cars. Some are stored, some are found photos of cars long since abandoned.

Popular Classics - Delorean

Check out some of the more popular car manuals, including the highly unique 1981 Delorean line.

Historic Chevrolet Brochures

This area has dozens of brochures of the popular classic Chevrolet line including the Corvette, Caprice, Bel Air, and the extremely rare Chevrolet Taxicab model.

Brochures for Oldsmobiles

Here you can browse various brochures for Oldsmobile cars, widely regarded as a timeless part of America's rich driving history.

View the Ford Line Brochures

Find and view scans of old Ford vehicles, from the company first started by Henry Ford, the "father of the automobile."
Cadillac Fleetwood

Classic Cadillac Advertisements

Check out some old advertisements, manuals, and brochures for an array of Cadillac makes and models from yesteryear.
1939 Packard

Top 10 Classic Car Brochures

1959 Pontiac

First Car to break 100 MPH

The 1959 Pontiac Catalina 389 Tri-Power was the first car to break 100 MPH, at the Detroit dragway, view its brochure by clicking the image to the left.
1939 Packard

First Car to have Air Conditioning

The 1939 Packard line was the first to offer automobile air conditioning, it was an option that cost $274 and occupied the entire trunk space of the vehicle. Click the image to the left to view its manual and brochure.